Yes, CED should be Mainstreamed


Will political alliance compromise the CED movement? Ted Jackson wades into this strategic debate, urging that a "big-tent" organizing concept is practical, ethically sound, and indispensable. At a time when the post-war economic structure is showing its age, pluralism and diversity can enrich our practice and enable us to achieve critical mass both politically and economically. He has five suggestions for making this happen.

"Drive accountability. In our partnerships with governments and corporations, we should take the initiative in designing accountability and performance regimes. We have superb expertise in our movement in evaluation and performance assessment. And we should work with central agencies like Treasury Board and the Auditor-General's Office, as well as with major foundations and corporations, to prepare results-based planning, management and reporting systems - on our terms, based on our experience with what works and what doesn't on the ground."

Jackson, Ted
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