Working Together for Local Food

An excellent publication of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), Working Together for Local Food explains how Canadians are currently using the co-operative model to meet the challenges of producing, processing, marketing, and retailing local food.

In first section, 11 profiles explain how co-operators have  resolved crucial problems in the local food sector: producer marketing groups, retail stories, on-line purchasing, and a regional value chain are some examples. The second section deals with retailing in greater detail, explaining how co-operative retailers are integrating local food with their product lines. A final section lists by province the sources of information, funding, and technical assistance available to people interested in using a co-operative to step into the local food sector.

This booklet is in part a response to research complete by the CCA in 2009. The Lay of the Land tracks 2300 local food initiatives in Canada (co-operative and otherwise), categorizes them, and describes their frequency and impact by province. It is an important basis on which to design policy recommendations for provincial and national food policy.

Co-operative Profiles and Resource Guide
Markell, Lynne
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