Women-Centred CED


Women are on the move in this country, into the workplace, into management and leadership - and into community economic development, as the articles in this edition demonstrate. It's a momentous, complex shift that our public sector tries to regulate "off the side of the desk." Government and the community sector alike would be wiser to learn from CED by women, for women - and help women to do more of it.

"We say women-centred CED rather than community of interest for two reasons. First, the connotation of self-interest implied by the latter term is confusing and distracting. Still worse, it has been used to discount our focus. Although women-centred CED starts from women’s lives (and employs gender analysis to distinguish between the experience of men and women), its outcomes impact their children, their spouses, and their broader communities. Second, the focus on women has a unique meaning and should be differentiated from other communities with a specific focus.... The key feature of women-centred CED programs and projects is that they are based on participants identifying themselves not by their geographic location, their income, or some other attribute - but as women."

Redefining CED in Canada
Conn, Melanie
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