Women at the Centre of Community-based Economic Development


If we are ever to overcome poverty in this country, we must learn to address directly the barriers that separate women from full access to employment, income, security, and independence. Nothing less will do. That was the basis on which the Women's Economic Equality Society was founded in Nova Scotia. It is also a challenge to which WEE has responded with a host of programs over the last decade.

"The quasi-government development agencies created in the mid-1990s to take over what had previously been 'community' work do not make gender-inclusion a matter of policy. When inclusion is not policy, women are left behind. The barriers to their participation must be addressed directly, not peripherally. That's the reason why in 1996, the Women's Economic Equality (WEE) Society was created: to make women's voices heard, in all their diversity and to build an inclusive, holistic, women-centred CED model. Economic equality was our goal; CED would be our tool.... The WEE Society's experience and track record since then confirm that CED that puts women at the centre of development is a singularly effective way by which women can empower themselves, their families and their communities."

Parsons, Doreen
Parker, Barbara
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