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Local Employment Towards Employment (LITE) has spent the last seven years coaxing the citizens of Winnipeg to "get political" with their charitable dollars. Rather than engage in a seasonal act of kindness, says LITE, use your money to reconfigure an unjust economic system. How best to sell such a message? Show people how much fun this alternative is.

"Brilliance, perseverance, and expansion - but not dispersion. An important aspect of the evolution from charity is to get focussed, as well as creative.Unfortunately, while LITE's purpose has remained straightforward, its ultimate message is not, and never has been. What CED can achieve, and how, is not easy to explain.

"A big part of the answer to the paradigm shift is, of all things, "partying." To get people to grasp a higher purpose for their charitable instincts, give them a taste - no, a mouthful - of the brimming community life we are promoting. The biggest CED party every year is LITE's Wild Blueberry Pancake Breakfast. It's officially LITE's Christmas campaign kickoff, but so much more in fact. It is a celebration of Winnipeg's inner city and a demonstration of CED in action."

A Winnipeg nonprofit helps bridge the gap from charity to CED
Reimer, Brendan
Duboff, Carly
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