Training for Transition Towns

Interested in Transition, or in becoming a transition trainer? Here's some training opportunities to consider.


If you are

  • just getting started
  • wondering how to bring visioning to your community
  • needing inspiration
  • looking for “Transition Basics”… what’s the right scale for a Transition Initiative, what works for others, etc
  • interested in understanding more about the Transition Town ingredients

... then LAUNCH is the course for you. Two days of active participation will give you the practical tools and skills to set and run a transition initiative. The workshop can also strengthen understanding and relationships among all "transition" actors in a community, identify new leadership and strengthen existing leadership.

For more information about LAUNCH, or how to host this course, contact Sally Ludwig in Ontario or Michelle Colussi in B.C.


If you are

  • part of an established Transition Initiative (TI) that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
  • joining an existing TI and who are looking to gain useful skills and insights into their next steps in Transition
  • working with or for local government
  • looking for ways to sustain momentum
  • from another environmental group but interested in gaining additional skills and insights into creating community resilience

... then THRIVE is the course for you. This course is tailored to the unique circumstances of your group or community. It's focus is both on how we can sustain momentum and energy and on an exploration of ways to encourage systemic innovation and change.

For more information about THRIVE, or how to host this course in your community, please contact Michelle Colussi.

Other Transition Trainings

There are transition trainers in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. They all share a grounding in their own Transition work and community as well as training trainers experience. Every trainer has their own set of unique skills and knowledge. Please don't hesitate to ask about other needs you might have and we will do our best to connect you to trainers in your area, or other resources, that might be able to help you. Some of the additional training that is available includes:

  • talk training - how to give an effective presentation on Transition
  • effective meetings and groups - from stages of group development to agenda setting and facilitation
  • introduction to social enterprise
  • introduction to permaculture

For more information, please contact Michelle Colussi.

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