Strengthening Resilience Webinar

A resilient community or neighbourhood has the capacity to respond and adapt to its social, environmental and economic challenges. The Strengthening Resilience Webinar has been created by Victoria, B.C.'s Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project to explain resilience, and to report how residents recently have been exploring opportunities and strategies to strengthen resilience locally.

At five workshops over the winter of 2012-13, participants ...

  • LEARNED about the key characteristics of a resilient community and how a “resilience lens” can complement community sustainability efforts.
  • DISCUSSED how community leaders, planners and citizens are fostering greater resilience at the neighbourhood and community levels.
  • EXPLORED inspiring examples of how communities and neighbourhoods are building their capacity for resilience through policy, planning, partnerships and community engagement.

Get the resources and listen to a recording (1 hr 20 min) of the Strengthening Resilience Webinar here:

That concludes Phase I of the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project. Phase II has now commenced with the selection of a demonstration neighbourhood whose residents will apply these tools and strategies.

For more information please contact BC Healthy Communities: Email Phone: 250-356-0876 / Web:

These events were made possible in collaboration with

  • Smart Planning for Communities
  • Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
  • Transition Victoria
  • Community Social Planning Council
  • BC Healthy Communities
Opportunities for Local Governments & Communities
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