Seven Prerequisites of Transformation


Michelle Colussi's work (like yours, perhaps) is all about supporting profound and positive change in communities, and determining which actions offer the most "bang" of transformation per "buck" of time and effort. It's a complex subject. But when it comes to the prerequisites for transformation, a surprising number of books identify the same seven things.

1) Transformation is mostly the work of coalitions of citizens, not organizations per se. 2) Essential to coalition is the culture and art of collaboration, whose habits and skills we must strive to instil throughout community life. 3) The prime motive for action must be to learn, not to achieve prescribed outcomes. 4) People need to focus on part of a problem, yet remain aware how this part relates to a large and complex whole. 5) An engaging, inviting vision of the future is necessary to carry people through difficult times. 6) The right change will emerge, but locally and at a small scale. Finally, 7) the more clear and consistent our vision, the more likely we will find opportunities to make it happen.

To implant these habits, practices, and attitudes takes skilful design and facilitation of dialogue. But it also takes a deep awareness of our own thoughts, for our inner world can literally remould the outer world.

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Colussi, Michelle
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