Resources: Scaling Up

In his recent book Humanizing the Economy (New Society, 2010), John Restakis notes the discredit into which free-market capitalism is once again... April 05, 2011
Practitioners of CED and social enterprise know how to scale up their innovations, away from the margins and into the mainstream of Canadian life.... July 05, 2011
Consumers have spoken, and the answer is "no." Community-shared agriculture, certified labelling, and even farmers' markets barely register in... February 17, 2011
In the first of three installments, CODA's Paul Born takes stock of CED's accomplishments in Canada and what we must do to turn proven innovations... July 01, 2011
CreateAction is a unique program of the Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) that enables youth across Canada to gain first-hand experience in community... July 03, 2011
Guest editor Ted Jackson presents a 5-point program of local and national action to correct the undercapitalization of community-based initiatives:... February 15, 2011
Like it or not, the future of community economic development turns on evaluations of our organizations and initiatives. If they "achieve change" by... February 15, 2011
Affordable housing is a huge and complex problem in Canada, and one that we have manifestly failed to solve over the last 20 years. In fact, since... July 09, 2012
Ne vous attendez pas à ce que le gouvernement fasse adopter à lui seul des pratiques durables et responsables aux industries agricole et alimentaire... July 05, 2011
Les environnementalistes, les féministes, les syndicats, les praticiens du DÉC, les militants sociaux - tant de gens ont une soif de changement... September 07, 2012