Resources: Federating Change

There's never been anything like it before in Canada - over 400 delegates, 60 workshops and plenary sessions on issues of CED practice and policy,... April 04, 2011
For a generation, while a "free market" ideology has gained a grip on humanity's activities world-wide, initiatives have also been growing to realize... July 05, 2011
On Monday, June 4, please join the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal (CCCR) and hundreds of other organizations and individuals and black out... May 14, 2012
Our tent just keeps getting bigger, as anybody who attended the 2006 National Conference on CED and Social Economy in March will testify. What's... July 03, 2011
Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) are a section of the credit union movement that puts co-operative principles and structures at the... February 16, 2011
Is public policy advocacy a worthwhile way for CED activists to spend their time? Probably not, if their onslaught is isolated in time, space, or... April 04, 2011
Two community-based approaches to revitalization and empowerment. Two records of achievement and innovation. This 2004 special edition of Making... September 07, 2012
Most of the mass of recent publications concerning community economic development (CED) are case studies, explanations of best practice, and... July 05, 2011
To re-integrate the co-operative and CED movements, make a start where the two intersect: the "community businesses" that are commercially viable,... April 04, 2011
If industrial agriculture is ever to be dislodged, its opponents must achieve a strategic vision that encompasses a vast range of issues. Labour... May 30, 2011