Resources: Social and Soldarity Economy

On entend souvent dire qu'il faut penser globalement et agir localement. Mais l'action locale à elle seule ne peut changer l'éthique destructrice... September 07, 2012
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L'une des choses qu'il importe de connaître concernant plusieurs des organismes dont il est question dans ce numéro, c'est qu'ils sont très, très... July 03, 2011
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SummaryThe Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP) was a 6-year project (2006-11) in which universities and community-based... February 09, 2012
A king-size gathering of CED and social economy activists in Trois-Rivières this past May looks like a harbinger of the future for the community... July 02, 2011
A 2-page diagram summarizes a lot of what we do know (and indicates a lot about what we don't know) about the way capital flows to enterprises that... March 22, 2011
Innovations in CED and social economy are blossoming around Canada and the globe. But with all the emphasis on better and best practices, the... July 02, 2011