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With legislation in the works for Canada's banks, it may be some time before we get a better opportunity to press for a Canadian equivalent to the U.... July 01, 2011
The current political environment sentences women-centred initiatives to an interminable, brain-numbing round of application for short-term, narrowly... January 28, 2013
The American legislation works; without a Canadian equivalent, community-based development will be perpetually underfinanced. Duff Conacher and... June 30, 2011
Canada's chartered banks use their privileged position to prosper in hard times at the expense of small business, our social welfare system, and... July 01, 2011
To make a real difference, community economic development organizations (CEDOs) have to own productive pieces of the local economy. But finding the... February 17, 2011
Manitoba and Nova Scotia have each enacted equity tax credit programs for CED purposes. Yet Nova Scotia has made much more intensive use of this... March 22, 2011
What distinguishes the Quebec experience is that an institution like the Fiducie du Chantier de l'économie sociale doesn't just supply capital to... July 05, 2011
Cette diagramme sommaire identifie six origines du revenu ou du capital (individuel, collectif ou corporatif) pour l'économie sociale du Canada :... October 22, 2012
The 1996 report of Parliament's Standing Committee on Finance indicates growing federal impatience with the banks, but no willingness to take... July 01, 2011
In 1990 the government of Saskatchewan instituted a guarantee program for a class of bonds to be issued by 'community bond corporations' for... July 01, 2011