Resources: Financing Transition

Since Making Waves published its first special edition, "Development Finance," in 1998, the markets where capital is exchanged for a variety of... March 22, 2011
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A former loan officer at Vancity Credit Union offers pointers to nonprofit oganizations and co-ops that want to finance revenue-generating ventures,... June 30, 2011
Résumé :Contrairement à une entreprise privée, une organisation sans but lucratif (OSBL) engage habituellement des dépenses après avoir obtenu des... February 15, 2012
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CED practitioners must get ready to take responsibility for financing their initiatives through revenue generation and skillful use of new and... June 30, 2011
The originators of the LETSystem have formulated a strategy to help private business realize the power of local currencies. July 01, 2011
Les grandes banques se sont engagées par rapport à un modèle d'affaires qui valorise les clients commerciaux et a revenu élevé par rapport aux... July 05, 2011