Resources: Larger Capital Pools

Charitable or nonprofit endowments that are restricted to supporting projects in a specified community or region. Grants, loans, or program-related... March 30, 2011
The American legislation works; without a Canadian equivalent, community-based development will be perpetually underfinanced. Duff Conacher and... June 30, 2011
Analysis from the perspective of community-based organizations looking for social capital has tended to emphasize the inadequacy of the supply to... March 22, 2011
To harness a fraction of the $2 trillion currently managed by Canada's institutional investors, we need two things. We need more capital providers... July 05, 2011
The most recent innovation of Manitoba's Crocus Investment Fund, a labour-sponsored investment fund, is an initiative to fund sector-oriented... June 30, 2011
This service searches out substantial equity sources to broker an information exchange between them and the local ventures in need of capital. A CEDO... March 30, 2011
Given the record of these pooling vehicles southside, it's time Canadians started making the case for Economically Targeted Investments. By... July 02, 2011
Why do small business and community ventures go begging when pension funds and equity pools house a mountain of money? It's high time we used our... July 02, 2011
Tant les investissements au taux du marché que ceux sous le taux du marché requièrent des intermédiaires qui peuvent s'assurer de respecter la... March 22, 2011
INAISE is a global network of financial institutions dedicated to social justice and environmental responsibility. Its members exchange experience,... February 16, 2011