Resources: Community-Based Credit

A few government programs are beginning to recognize the importance of the community, both as a source of capital and as the appropriate level for... July 01, 2011
Community Revolving Loan Funds fill a gap in the credit needs of a community by continually lending and relending their accumulated assets. They do... March 30, 2011
This multi-functional (and multi-million dollar) financial institution undertakes the full range of capital and financial services so communities can... March 30, 2011
There are ways (short of infiltrating the board) to get your local credit union out of the bleachers and into the streets. Here's how some credit... February 15, 2011
This report by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance explains how credit unions can overcome their compulsion to compete with banks and... February 21, 2011
Malgré les progrès, le DÉC et l'économie sociale demeurent des curiosités - une boutique pour les investisseurs socialement conscients, surtout au... July 05, 2011
To make a real difference, community economic development organizations (CEDOs) have to own productive pieces of the local economy. But finding the... February 17, 2011
Five factors help community-based organizations gain access to debt and equity and use it to best advantage.A readiness to work with others. A... March 22, 2011
As the banks leave Winnipeg's North End, the pawnshops, cheque cashers, and payday loaners move in. This may reflect the laws of supply, demand, and... July 02, 2011
Richard Taub's book Doing Development in Arkansas describes the first, troubled decade of work by Southern Bancorp ("Southern") to revitalize a rural... July 03, 2011