Resources: Community-Based Credit

The Canadian Alternative Investment Co-operative has been active since 1983, providing loans to shelters, food banks, daycares, and even other loan... July 05, 2011
Susannah Cameron's comparison of two neighbours, ACCE$$ Riverdale Community Loan Fund and Metro Credit Union's Community Micro Loan Program,... March 30, 2011
In these excerpts from her presentation to the federal Standing Committee on Industry (March 1994), the author argues for change to our banking... July 01, 2011
Community investment is financing that targets the underserved (individuals, communities, and social enterprises) in order to develop opportunities... July 05, 2011
Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) are a section of the credit union movement that puts co-operative principles and structures at the... February 16, 2011
Distinctive profile; new markets; the risks inherent in unconventional investment mitigated by community capacity and engagement - a credit union... April 04, 2011
Bill C-8 and related regulations will reveal to the public great quantities of information about the practices of local financial institutions. We... March 30, 2011
The banks can't learn community development finance; nor (being global institutions) will they be taught. Why waste time on creating a Canadian... June 30, 2011
Banks and non-government organizations share an interest in strong, vibrant, growing communities. NGOs must endeavour to clarify that natural... June 30, 2011
A locally-based and -capitalized private nonprofit source of credit, the CDLF re-lends capital loaned to it by private sources in order to address... March 30, 2011