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Voici certains faits fondamentaux essentiels pour l'action communautaire faite particulièrement par et pour les femmes. Leur capacité et les... July 05, 2011
The report of New Brunswick's Community Non-Profit Task Force created few headlines when it was released last September. Unlike other task forces, it... July 05, 2011
To create an active and constructive role for the federal government in community economic development, the Canadian CED Network proposes programs... July 01, 2011
The effective small business consultant is no longer some objective dispenser of advice. Coaching, prodding, and consoling, s/he is integral to the... June 30, 2011
The Development Wheel Project aimed to discover how the use of an effective, if demanding tool - the Development Wheel - could become common among... March 04, 2011
A necessarily complex solution to complex problems, social enterprise is a demanding course of action. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurs (outside... February 21, 2011
The Development Wheel Project applied a best practice tool - the Development Wheel - to training, support, and network building in B.C. and... March 04, 2011
The 1964 Columbia River Treaty became a major coup for provincial authority over natural resources. But subsequent damming of the river's upper... July 02, 2011
Whether you are in Toronto, the Eastern Townships, or Grand Prairie, critical to FBN success is your selection of a network advisor: someone who,... June 30, 2011
The new, knowledge-based economy need not exclude the disadvantaged - but it will if we don't take a systemic approach to employment development. A... July 03, 2011