Resources: Partnerships

Summary:In B.C.’s lower mainland, rising house prices have outpaced growth in household incomes. Vast numbers of homeowners (8.8%) and renters (22.1... July 17, 2012
This 4-day experiential event, based closely on the contents of the book Aboriginal Joint Ventures: Negotiating Successful Partnerships, features an... February 25, 2011
Joint ventures are businesses that a CEDO undertakes with one or more private corporations. Typically the latter manage the venture and supply equity... March 30, 2011
Ted Jackson outlines the basic issues for a CED organization to address should it consider that most overlooked of opportunities: partnership with... June 30, 2011
Preparing a community for social enterprise is a lot like making bread. You mix together what's in the local cupboards with some foreign ingredients... February 21, 2011
To reconstruct the social and economic landscape of southwest Montréal, RÉSO had to find ways to forge relationships between private, public, and... July 01, 2011
Tens of thousands of low-income people cannot get the full range of financial services that they require. The capacity, expertise, and location... February 15, 2011
Good partnerships take work, but the payoff is handsome once you know what to work on. Here are ten essentials. July 01, 2011
A number of sensitive issues divide the CED and labour movements: the wages and benefits of real jobs are just two. It's high time we understood such... June 30, 2011
OP2000 was great at rallying a remarkable array of Waterloo Region's citizens to the cause of poverty reduction. But the initiative was only so-so at... April 04, 2011