Resources: Partnerships

When the traditional manufacturing base of Waterloo Region, Ontario came apart after 1980, local nonprofits, charities, and businesses outdid... April 04, 2011
Often applied very loosely to any sort of inter-business collaboration, the joint venture is in fact a very powerful tool for the empowerment of... September 15, 2016
A 5-stage process of information-gathering, planning, and negotiation is fundamental to the launch of a sound joint venture. July 02, 2011
The common interest of Tr'on dek Hwechin'in and Loki Gold Corporation in the First Nation's traditional lands did not lead to a court battle or... July 02, 2011
In northern Saskatchewan, La Ronge Band Council developed the vision and mission of Kitsaki Development Corporation. It then applied its own process... July 01, 2011
Now entering its fourth year, Roger Hill and Virginia Sloan's 'Corporate Aboriginal Relations' remains an unparalleled report of what communities and... July 01, 2011
Through a collaboration with Old Order Amish families, some Ontario citydwellers are discovering that better food and fellowship spin off from small-... July 02, 2011
Many cities are trying to undermine poverty with comprehensive, long-term action - action rooted in local energy and assets, yet insistent on... July 02, 2011
Many civil society organizations are strategically located to facilitate financial literacy among residents of low-income neighbourhoods that banks... February 15, 2011
The new, knowledge-based economy need not exclude the disadvantaged - but it will if we don't take a systemic approach to employment development. A... July 03, 2011