Resources: Local Ownership

Seventeen years ago, Charlotte Semple, Carole Fast, and Michelle Young, all of whom had experienced abuse, decided to create an organization that... July 05, 2011
Closely related to the Early Warning System, business visitation and mentoring is a service that connects local businesses with a friendly advisor on... March 30, 2011
Enough of the 'lone ranger' mentality - here is a truly community-based approach to enterprise development. Peterborough's colleges and business... April 04, 2011
For 25 years Swift Current, Saskatchewan stopped growing - in industry, population, and imagination. Now it has become a showcase for Business... April 08, 2011
This set of procedures gathers information that permits a precise understanding of a business' difficulties so that assistance might be offered... March 30, 2011
Communities that approach energy not just as a commodity to consume, but as a means of generating wealth, local employment, and self-reliance, will... March 30, 2011
In contrast to conventional business associations or fellowships, the members of entrepreneur networks share specific common status and interests (... March 30, 2011
In the dismantling of Canada's food security, farmers have become both agents and victims of transnational corporations. There will be no resolution... February 17, 2011
Whether you are in Toronto, the Eastern Townships, or Grand Prairie, critical to FBN success is your selection of a network advisor: someone who,... June 30, 2011
As baby-boomers reach the age of retirement, over a trillion dollars in business assets will shortly change hands. Done right, this transfer could... March 04, 2011