Resources: Social Enterprise

Some social entrepreneurs have built successful enterprises despite a lack of training and experience specific to their responsibilities. Their... July 05, 2011
The report of New Brunswick's Community Non-Profit Task Force created few headlines when it was released last September. Unlike other task forces, it... July 05, 2011
For nearly a generation now, Montréal's Le Boulot vers ... has been helping young people make the break from poverty, alienation, and dependency, and... March 03, 2011
While convinced of the value of social-economic projects to community preservation and development, Franco-Ontario's experience with them over the... March 04, 2011
To Equiterre, the rebuilding of the food system is fundamental to social justice. Through research, communications, political advocacy, and social... February 17, 2011
Youth@risk programming achieves a whole new level at All-A-Board, which uses an upscale restaurant and woodworking shop to train youth in general... March 03, 2011
The Development Wheel Project aimed to discover how the use of an effective, if demanding tool - the Development Wheel - could become common among... March 04, 2011
Lancée au début des années 1980 pour réagir à la faim à Toronto, FoodShare, une œuvre de bienfaisance, est devenue une championne des initiatives... July 05, 2011
A necessarily complex solution to complex problems, social enterprise is a demanding course of action. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurs (outside... February 21, 2011
In a world of giant transnational corporations, the deck appears stacked against social enterprise in the food sectors. Here are two tools that may... February 17, 2011