Resources: Co-operatives

This research report by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) offers a critical analysis of Nova Scotia’s co-operative development... February 21, 2011
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Effective CED requires different instruments - private sector, government, social economy - playing in harmony. How is this to be achieved in the new... April 04, 2011
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What lies at the end of the neoliberal rainbow? Resourcefulness, determination, creativity, and hope, if Argentina’s experience is any indication. In... December 20, 2012
Marie-Annick Taillon and Alain Leclerc tell a story of uncommon success - the rise of funeral co-operatives in Québec and the retreat of their... March 03, 2011
Summary:Sunnyhill Housing Co-operative (SHC) faces a very uncertain future. Located in a part of Calgary where houses cost on average of $650,000,... July 09, 2012
Imagine health clinics that not only offer health services when you're sick, but a means for citizens to counter isolation, to learn about healthy... March 03, 2011
In addition to goods and services, our "post-modern" societies seem able to generate social exclusion at an unprecedented scale. This may place the... March 03, 2011