Resources: Co-operatives

The Canadian Alternative Investment Co-operative has been active since 1983, providing loans to shelters, food banks, daycares, and even other loan... July 05, 2011
The role communities should play in Canadians' health is a really old issue, stretching back to the days of smallpox epidemics. Since then - and... May 31, 2011
In his recent book Humanizing the Economy (New Society, 2010), John Restakis notes the discredit into which free-market capitalism is once again... April 05, 2011
Seventeen years ago, Charlotte Semple, Carole Fast, and Michelle Young, all of whom had experienced abuse, decided to create an organization that... July 05, 2011
The debate over the future of Canada's health system has bogged down into a stand-off between two options: the public or the private sector as... May 30, 2011
Selon la tendance axée sur une société de consommateurs dirigée par l'entreprise en plein essor, les centres de santé communautaires et les... May 31, 2011
Local, non-governmental contractors may well outperform the bureaucrats in service delivery - assuming communities have social capital adequate to... April 04, 2011
If a community is to be a key organizer of an efficient, locally-controlled network of production and distribution, then business development must be... July 01, 2011
An organization in Ottawa's Centretown offers access to affordable laundering and to life and business management skills. Can it do all this and make... April 04, 2011
Modelled after the Human Resources Development Association in Halifax, this partnership program requires that a successful co-op develop and sponsor... July 05, 2011