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The role communities should play in Canadians' health is a really old issue, stretching back to the days of smallpox epidemics. Since then - and... May 31, 2011
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Selon la tendance axée sur une société de consommateurs dirigée par l'entreprise en plein essor, les centres de santé communautaires et les... May 31, 2011
Unions and co-operatives have a long and bumpy history, despite their common commitment to community action and mutual aid. Yet the record of the... May 31, 2011
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Communities have a perfect right to own specialized assets and know how to finance them. Unlike recreation centres or cultural complexes, however,... May 31, 2011
In many respects, Canada’s health care system is in crisis. Access to care, long waiting lists for treatment, unnecessary illness, deaths, and error... May 31, 2011
While a terrific money-saver, centralization has hamstrung health care in many small towns. Now what? Not much, unless residents do it themselves. In... May 31, 2011
Jusqu'où pouvons-nous aller au sujet du contrôle communautaire des soins de santé? Très loin. Qu'ils soient offerts par les coopératives ou l'... May 31, 2011
Le résultat est impressionnant : en une quinzaine d’années, plus de cinquante coopératives de services de santé ont vu le jour au Québec dont environ... June 23, 2011