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Affordable housing has been key to strategies of neighbourhood renewal since the 1960s. But beware the recent push in federal policy away from... July 03, 2011
Summary:The price of housing has now risen so high in many places that even professionals cannot afford to live in the same community as they work in... June 25, 2012
In our society, housing is the foundation of the community's definition. Affordable housing initiatives cannot simply be about buildings. This... July 01, 2011
Champlain Housing Trust provides a wide range of housing to 2,000 households in the State of Vermont. It also provides a variety of services... February 21, 2011
In the industrialized world, we have been living apart from the land for so long now, we have forgotten how central the land question is. Land trusts... July 01, 2011
This publication of the New Economics Foundation proposes community land trusts as a way to separate the cost of land from the purchase price of the... February 21, 2011
The Community Land Trust Online Handbook is a rich compendium of materials by the E.F. Schumacher Society relating to Community Land Trusts:... February 21, 2011
Cape Breton's BCA Holdings backs local initiatives with an 'active' style of investment. July 02, 2011
Affordable housing is a huge and complex problem in Canada, and one that we have manifestly failed to solve over the last 20 years. In fact, since... July 09, 2012
Summary:In B.C.’s lower mainland, rising house prices have outpaced growth in household incomes. Vast numbers of homeowners (8.8%) and renters (22.1... July 17, 2012