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No "magic bullet" is going to reverse the decline in Canada's food security. Effective action requires that we address multiple factors, including... February 17, 2011
Local food is a strategy that appeals to nonprofits, charities, co-operatives, and other social economy organizations. It addresses the challenges of... June 01, 2011
Ce diagramme rende des initiatives de la société civile canadienne en cadre de dix questions alimentaires (du financement, de la faim, de la... July 05, 2011
Concern for local food has transformed the lives of many households and neighbourhoods. Can we realize such a transformation at a much greater scale... July 02, 2011
Les agriculteurs sont devenus à la fois des agents et des victimes des sociétés transnationales dans le cadre du démantèlement de la sécurité... February 17, 2011
Unlike employment or resource development, housing or energy, when it comes to the food sector practitioners of community economic development and... February 17, 2011
Slow Money is an organization, a movement, and an investment strategy that aims to bring money “back down to earth” by fostering small-scale but long... February 16, 2011
To the dismay of some donors, an annual food drive in Winnipeg was reducing the sales revenue at shops in poor neighbourhoods. Annual generosity was... June 30, 2011
This report by the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal outlines the elements of strategy for strengthening the resilience of the local food system... February 16, 2011
Don't expect government alone to convert the agricultural and food industries to sustainable, responsible practices. To truly matter, those practices... March 08, 2011