Resources: Tools and Techniques

Many cities are trying to undermine poverty with comprehensive, long-term action - action rooted in local energy and assets, yet insistent on... July 02, 2011
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Indicator initiatives are mushrooming across North America. This report by Paul Reed, senior social scientist for Statistics Canada and associate... March 04, 2011
This manual is a comprehensive guide for facilitators of the Development Corporation Basics Workshop, an intensive introduction to development... July 05, 2011
This 4-day event can assist the efforts of a wide variety of Aboriginal organizations to become more effective in their community economic... February 24, 2011
Like it or not, the future of community economic development turns on evaluations of our organizations and initiatives. If they "achieve change" by... February 15, 2011
Offered for first time in Canada this September, at the Shatford Centre in Penticton, B.C., Dragon Dreaming is a way to make our dreams come true by... August 20, 2012
This set of procedures gathers information that permits a precise understanding of a business' difficulties so that assistance might be offered... March 30, 2011