Resources: Tools and Techniques

CÉECQ, a CDC in a low-income neighbourhood of Québec City, has created its own Performance Monitoring System to provide feedback on its work. To make... June 30, 2011
We have all heard how computers and Web access can close the "information gap" that exists between practitioners, especially urban and rural ones.... July 05, 2011
That 'eco' label on your 2x4s says something about industrial practices in particular forestlands. But is that all? It could also stand for a process... April 04, 2011
Most of the mass of recent publications concerning community economic development (CED) are case studies, explanations of best practice, and... July 05, 2011
Summarizes the submission of the Centre for Community Enterprise to the Parliamentary Committee on Human Resource Development in November 1994. Mere... July 01, 2011
As former Prime Minister Paul Martin recently said, we have unleashed the private sector on many of Canada's problems; it's time we unleashed social... July 05, 2011
Business development and community organizing are partners in any attempt to revitalize economically distressed communities. How must the community... July 01, 2011
For research capacity and a motivated workforce there is little to match the university campus. The Trent Centre has pioneered a structure and a... March 22, 2011
Where the evolution of private businesses is too uncertain, a CEDO can itself play the role of entrepreneur and launch a wholly-owned subsidiary to... March 30, 2011
This tool is a means of engaging all sectors (but not necessarily all citizens) in the assessment of the current situation and how to move into a... March 30, 2011