Resources: Tools and Techniques

Garry Loewen explains how Manitoba has evolved into a leader in CED policy and programming. The party in power is one key factor. Another has been... July 02, 2011
As a diagnostic tool, the matrix can help leaders understand why some projects are not as successful as others. At the point in economic development... June 30, 2011
The Insiders' Guides (IGs) are a series of 4-page cartoons that make mainstream some concepts and tools critical to community renewal. Developed with... March 04, 2011
This article traces the way that the four member Bands of Nisga'a Tribal Council in northwestern B.C.'s Nass Valley built their individual and... July 01, 2011
When the ends are in sight - and measurable - the means are less divisive. Thanks to a focus on specific outcomes for policy, Oregon is building a... April 04, 2011
The first installment of the "Insiders' Guides To Community Renewal," "The Root of the Matter" supplies a brief historical context to the separation... March 04, 2011
Social development is only meaningful when it is part of a strategy that aims explicitly to build enterprises, partnerships, and opportunities for... July 01, 2011
An innovative partnership between merchants, suppliers, and nonprofit agencies is adding social value to everyday business purchases in Vancouver's... July 02, 2011
Charlotte and Camille have taken to the road across North America in search of people who are making transition happen where they live. Their means... December 17, 2012
The purpose of Transition Towns is to build a community's awareness, knowledge, engagement, relationships, and tools such that it can complete a... March 02, 2011