Resources: Tools and Techniques

In the agricultural land trust, rural Canada has at hand a useful structure for defending small-scale farming from industrial agriculture. But trusts... July 03, 2011
Unlike economics, education, law, or medicine, says Michael Swack, Dean of the School of Community Economic Development (SCED) at Southern New... July 05, 2011
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In addition to the technical skills required for self-employment, these procedures and resources must support people as they change their identity... March 30, 2011
Michelle Colussi's work (like yours, perhaps) is all about supporting profound and positive change in communities, and determining which actions... July 05, 2011
This isn't about more electronic interconnections for consumers. We mean citizens who together use information to understand and manage their... July 02, 2011
The Centre for Social Innovation (215 Spadina, 4th Floor, Alterna Room, Toronto) is offering Pop-Up Labs to help participants to get a handle on…... July 25, 2012
To some people, the term 'community economic development' appears to encompass any enterprise which gives somebody local a job. In the interests of... June 30, 2011
Evelyn Clark wonders how any practice can be "community-based" if it chiefly involves experts descending on townsfolk to tell them what they need to... July 03, 2011
A strategic plan matches and integrates available or expected resources (people, finances, infrastructure, etc.) with intermediate objectives,... March 30, 2011