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Extensive research by the Heartland Center (Lincoln, Nebraska) has revealed 20 characteristics common to rural communities which have rebounded from... June 30, 2011
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Le développement économique communautaire lance un défi aux décisions économiques prises sans tenir compte des relations sociales et de l'... March 04, 2011
An introduction to community economic development for Canadian congregations and clergy. The booklet briefly describes 30 'economic ministries'... April 04, 2011
It's the David and Goliath story, without any losers. Hupacasath, a small First Nation on Vancouver Island, is figuring out how to use the capacity... March 03, 2011
A rigorous critique of ill-considered attempts to 'quantify' the goals and achievements of many groups' work. This practice runs the risk ignoring... July 01, 2011
Since its launch in 1995, Quint Development Corporation has skillfully fused local determination with outside expertise, money, & political... June 30, 2011
Reviewer Stewart E. Perry wants you to know that the most important book that a CED practitioner could possibly read is now available free of charge... July 03, 2011