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A couple of hundred people in northern B.C. demonstrate the crux of community planning: talking to your neighbours about the sort of place you want... June 30, 2011
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SummaryEven when people’s intentions are good and mineral prices are high, it is neither simple nor straightforward to generate lasting benefits for... February 05, 2013
"Community Economic Development (CED) sounds great in theory, but what can it do for us in the Here and Now?" This workbook, and the 4-day... September 15, 2016
This article traces the way that the four member Bands of Nisga'a Tribal Council in northwestern B.C.'s Nass Valley built their individual and... July 01, 2011
Since 1995, the inhabitants of Nimpo and Anahim Lakes have found a way to run a logging and milling business that respects Traditional Territory, the... April 04, 2011