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Over the last 30 years a core of leaders or "organic intellectuals" has emerged in Winnipeg's growing Aboriginal population. They are shaping a... July 03, 2011
This selection from the book Regional Development from the Bottom Up (CCE, 1993) details the experience of one of Canada's foremost development... July 03, 2011
An Aboriginal entrepreneur integrates the financial assistance of Christian organizations with the realities of on-reserve economic development. The... April 04, 2011
It's the David and Goliath story, without any losers. Hupacasath, a small First Nation on Vancouver Island, is figuring out how to use the capacity... March 03, 2011
In October 2006, Hupacasath First Nation opened Upnit, a $14.5 million, 6.5 Megawatt hydroelectric plant in their traditional lands near Port Alberni... July 05, 2011
Often applied very loosely to any sort of inter-business collaboration, the joint venture is in fact a very powerful tool for the empowerment of... September 15, 2016
A 5-stage process of information-gathering, planning, and negotiation is fundamental to the launch of a sound joint venture. July 02, 2011
The common interest of Tr'on dek Hwechin'in and Loki Gold Corporation in the First Nation's traditional lands did not lead to a court battle or... July 02, 2011
In northern Saskatchewan, La Ronge Band Council developed the vision and mission of Kitsaki Development Corporation. It then applied its own process... July 01, 2011
Now entering its fourth year, Roger Hill and Virginia Sloan's 'Corporate Aboriginal Relations' remains an unparalleled report of what communities and... July 01, 2011