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Their exclusiveness puts them at odds with some co-operators and CED activists. NGCs are nevertheless an effective instrument of rural revitalization... March 03, 2011
Since the early 1920s the people of northeast Newfoundland have struggled to deal with isolation and economic underdevelopment. The introduction of... July 01, 2011
Old development habits die hard. Here's a 3-step process to help them on their way. Michelle Colussi describes how residents of Port Alberni, B.C.,... February 17, 2011
One response to unemployment among rural youth is heavier locks and higher fences. Another is to bring together teachers, businesses, government... April 04, 2011
The experience of Charlotte County, PEI, illustrates how building the aquaculture industry around small commercial interests can maximize local... July 01, 2011
Just one of the initiatives taken by the InterValley Project in the last five years, Amesbury Gardens Tenants Association demonstrates the power of... July 01, 2011
The experience of Revelstoke, B.C., demonstrates the components, principles, and impact of a CED strategy on a rural community endangered by the... March 03, 2011
In the agricultural land trust, rural Canada has at hand a useful structure for defending small-scale farming from industrial agriculture. But trusts... July 03, 2011
Although they are in urgent need of economic innovation, the fishing ports off the north Atlantic may not be ready for co-operatives. So the co-op... April 04, 2011
The higher purpose with which CALDECH imbues its enterprise is a socio-cultural one: the preservation and promotion of the French-speaking community... July 01, 2011