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An Aboriginal entrepreneur integrates the financial assistance of Christian organizations with the realities of on-reserve economic development. The... April 04, 2011
Fifteen years after the cod moratorium, Newfoundland and Labrador's groundfisheries show little sign of rebounding. An exodus of industry, business,... July 03, 2011
Many - many - practitioners talk about CED in rigid, measurable terms, with the recent past as ground zero. Not so in Preston, Nova Scotia. There,... April 04, 2011
A bank holding company modelled after Chicago's ShoreBank, Southern Development Bancorporation (Southern) has been active in rural Arkansas since the... July 03, 2011
Given the decline in resource extraction and the rise of youth out-migration, rural towns and hamlets nowadays can't afford to leave anyone behind.... July 03, 2011
If a community is to be a key organizer of an efficient, locally-controlled network of production and distribution, then business development must be... July 01, 2011
We have all heard how computers and Web access can close the "information gap" that exists between practitioners, especially urban and rural ones.... July 05, 2011
Community co-operatives are the structure around which the identity and self-determination of rural towns can crystallize when municipal amalgamation... April 04, 2011
Over the past six years, citizens' action organizations in the Naugatuck and Merrimack valleys of Connecticut have been integrating strategies of... July 01, 2011
For 25 years Swift Current, Saskatchewan stopped growing - in industry, population, and imagination. Now it has become a showcase for Business... April 08, 2011