Resources: Development Organizations

Nisga'a Economic Enterprises Corporation (NEEC), the regional economic development corporation formed by Nisga'a Tribal Council in 1989, pays... July 01, 2011
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Their "roots and wings" being of a social, cultural, or environmental nature, some community-based organizations don't take well to business... July 03, 2011
The experience of Charlotte County, PEI, illustrates how building the aquaculture industry around small commercial interests can maximize local... July 01, 2011
OP2000 was great at rallying a remarkable array of Waterloo Region's citizens to the cause of poverty reduction. But the initiative was only so-so at... April 04, 2011
Just one of the initiatives taken by the InterValley Project in the last five years, Amesbury Gardens Tenants Association demonstrates the power of... July 01, 2011
Six of the most influential of the case studies and issue papers first published by the Economic Council of Canada, concluded by Brodhead and... July 11, 2011
CODA assumed the task of helping thousands of workers left jobless by plant closures cope with the trauma of job loss and develop new employment... July 01, 2011
Practical yet comprehensive in orientation, rooted in practice yet at the same time providing a critical link to key policy issues, this book has... February 15, 2011
Heaven knows, plenty of initiatives for local renewal occur without explicit reference to God and with little apparent participation by church,... April 04, 2011