Resources: Development Organizations

The revitalization of Lac La Loche, Saskatchewan, made its debut with a construction company. But community economic development is hinged on the... June 30, 2011
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Five First Nations on Vancouver Island have launched a development corporation that is to act as both a developer and a steward of Clayoquot Sound:... July 01, 2011
The power and promise of the community development corporation (CDC) lies in the way residents can use it to co-ordinate and focus all the energy... March 21, 2011
Qu'est-ce que le développement économique a à voir avec l'économie sociale? Qu'est ce que l'économie sociale a à voir avec le DÉC? Bien des choses,... September 07, 2012
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Development Corporations were invented by the leaders of distressed communities to improve the local capacity to organize and manage economic... February 17, 2011
Touted as a sterling example of CED in action, Revelstoke urges other small towns to go one better - affiliate with a national organization that can... June 30, 2011
Mark Cabaj summarizes focal points in the discussion of evaluating community-based economic development initiatives: the need to specify why an... July 01, 2011
When he asked 40 directors of U.S. community development corporation directors to explain how they accomplish social change, Noah Dorius discovered... July 05, 2011