Resources: Development Organizations

This manual is a comprehensive guide for facilitators of the Development Corporation Basics Workshop, an intensive introduction to development... July 05, 2011
There are many basic issues for Aboriginal leaders to consider when planning the formation of a development corporation. Failure to consider these... February 24, 2011
A sudden illness has left CED in Canada diminished by one very fine practitioner. April 04, 2011
Moapa is not the only tribe to implement successful economic development strategies. Its uniqueness lies in having done a lot with very little in a... July 01, 2011
27 tasks to consider when establishing a community economic development organization (CEDO), organized in terms of legal matters, organizational and... March 30, 2011
The primary task of the CEDO is to co-ordinate the many activities that must proceed concurrently in the course of a CED strategy. (One of over 60... March 30, 2011
Institutional barriers hamper the enterprise and capital accumulation of many native American nations, and ensure these small communities remain... June 13, 2011
The experience of Coastal Enterprises Inc. of Maine is indicative of how the qualities and resources of religious institutions could change the face... April 04, 2011
The concern is that community ownership of the CED process gets diluted to 'participation' or to mere 'consultation' in the politically-driven rush... July 01, 2011
Extensive staff training - measured in years of study and practice, not short workshops - is required if First Nation organizations are to... July 01, 2011