Resources: Development Organizations

This selection from the book Regional Development from the Bottom Up (CCE, 1993) details the experience of one of Canada's foremost development... July 03, 2011
An introduction to community economic development for Canadian congregations and clergy. The booklet briefly describes 30 'economic ministries'... April 04, 2011
To create an active and constructive role for the federal government in community economic development, the Canadian CED Network proposes programs... July 01, 2011
When the traditional manufacturing base of Waterloo Region, Ontario came apart after 1980, local nonprofits, charities, and businesses outdid... April 04, 2011
A dramatic expansion of its for-profit side ended disastrously for Eastside Community Investments of Indianapolis. Are community development... July 01, 2011
A bank holding company modelled after Chicago's ShoreBank, Southern Development Bancorporation (Southern) has been active in rural Arkansas since the... July 03, 2011
Since its launch in 1995, Quint Development Corporation has skillfully fused local determination with outside expertise, money, & political... June 30, 2011
The Bush Administration's interest in faith-based community initiatives has generated little that is new and nothing that is earth-shaking.... April 04, 2011
Traces the evolution of three community economic development organizations (CEDOs) in the Eastern Arctic - Kitikmeot Economic Development Commission... April 04, 2011
CÉECQ, a CDC in a low-income neighbourhood of Québec City, has created its own Performance Monitoring System to provide feedback on its work. To make... June 30, 2011