Public Institution? or Public Nuisance?


Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has gone off the deep end. Since the so-called "Billion Dollar Boondoggle" back in 2000-01, the Ministry has introduced policies and procedures that are supposed to make it more publicly accountable. In fact, they make it a pest, rather than a partner, to the community sector contractors who carry out so much of HRSDC's mandate. It's tragic, for the nonprofits doing the work and for many HRSDC staff who are obliged to enforce the new rules.

"It is a sad story. A useful public institution has turned into a public nuisance, damaging our collective capacity to solve problems and empower change. We cannot let this pass unchallenged. At a time when the federal government has recognized the promise in CED and the social economy, and has pledged to work in partnership with the voluntary sector, it is both strategic and crucial to get HRSDC back on track. We need to get the ministry focussed on outcomes and performance, to get it away from a narrow, punitive, nitpicking approach to accountability."

HRSDC, the community sector's increasingly dysfunctional "partner"
Lewis, Mike
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