Private Sector & Public Purpose


Their "roots and wings" being of a social, cultural, or environmental nature, some community-based organizations don't take well to business development. Brendan Reimer explains how these organizations can make enterprise and enterprisers integral - instead of an appendix - to a local development strategy.

"Some CBOs, particularly those born out of a social justice orientation, for which the world of business is alien territory. Their attempts to stimulate the health of business in their community have been tentative at best. Yet now they are expanding their mandate and really looking for ways in which they might strengthen the business component of their communities.

"Where do they even start? What are their options? Who has tried each strategy and with what results? What contributed to their successes or failures? That was the focus of research that I carried out as a project of the Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy, with the future of my local CBO, the North End Community Renewal Corporation, very much in mind."

Making private business integral to community renewal
Reimer, Brendan
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