The Knowledge Bottleneck


Building for Social Change brings together an impressive array of information about community economic development. But it limits its audience and impact by the use of the language of a university textbook. (You might be wise to read the back half first, and the first half second.) While this likely is what editors Eric Shragge and Michael Toye mean to do, is it wise?

In community economic development, the connection between theory and practice is extremely important. So why are CED theory and analysis often written in ways that exclude the people engaged in CED projects and strategies? Serious non-fiction can be polished and flowing and need not be laboriously academic, as some of the chapters in this very book show.

A bottleneck constrains the flow of ideas and information between CED academics and practitioners. Both sides must strive to fix it, but academics must lead the way.

Review: Community Economic Development: Building for Social Change
Hanratty, John
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