Joint Venture Workshop

This 4-day experiential event, based closely on the contents of the book Aboriginal Joint Ventures: Negotiating Successful Partnerships, features an extended simulation of a joint venture negotiation. Participants receive information about a hypothetical joint venture opportunity in mining or other resource sector. They then simulate the negotiation as representatives of an interested community or organization, while two trainer/facilitators act on behalf of an enterprising company. The participants, with some advisory assistance, go through all the stages of joint venture negotiation, from the preliminary “homework” to the completion of a Heads of Agreement. The process is demanding, sometimes hilarious, and always rich in learning and insights.

Sample comments from Joint Venture Workshop participants:

“This is the most valuable workshop I have ever been to related to economic development. I picked up learning that I am going to be able to apply immediately as we move into negotiations around a mining deal in our area.”

“With land claims coming to a resolution soon ..., I hope that many more people can have the opportunity to participate in this workshop. It could make a big difference in how we go about ... building our future.”

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