The High Road, Vol 2, No 1


On the strength of the 20 year history of the Center for Labor and Community Research (Chicago), Dan Swinney calls upon practitioners of CED and social economy to contend for power as strenuously in the marketplace as they do in the political arena. There is enormous need for a movement that will defend and develop the productive capacity that Low Road business practices have so cavalierly undermined.

"The Social Economy is not a Third Way - it is the Only Way, and the market is the place to demonstrate this claim to hegemony in tandem with the use of our political skills in the more familiar terrain of the state. If we are willing to use our values, our militancy, our ability to organize, and our commitment to radical democracy, and to combine them with the technical skills of business assessment, finance, and management - if we are willing to do all this, we can compete in the market and win.

"There is enormous room in the market economy for social entrepreneurs to compete. Through projects like those of the CLCR, we can build the capacity and sophistication and breadth of the labour movement. In doing so, we can win over significant sections of the business, governmental, and civic communities. Faced with the challenge of global competition, these groups are more open than ever before to new approaches - so long as they are anchored in the marketplace."

A Third Way? Or The Only Way?
Swinney, Dan
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