The High Road to Food Security


Don't expect government alone to convert the agricultural and food industries to sustainable, responsible practices. To truly matter, those practices must be made to "take up space" in the marketplace, through the collaboration of communities and labour.

"The promotion of the Ecological Paradigm is a policy issue - but it is not only, nor primarily, a policy issue. Sustainability can't simply be regulated by the government.The real Food Wars are happening in the marketplace, and it is the market that will determine which paradigms succeed or fail, dominate or remain marginal. This is why proponents of the Ecological Paradigm must contend in the market, as well as the policy arena, to advance this emerging vision.

"In short: a shift to the Ecological Paradigm requires a greater role for labour, ecological farmers, and communities in wealth production, a move to higher value-added food manufacturing, and a higher wage economy in general. This is the material basis for a shift in our food culture as a whole."

Hancock, Matt
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