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One of the things it's important to notice about several of the organizations profiled in this edition is that they are very, very old. CÉAF, the Centre d'Éducation et d'Action des Femmes in south-central Montréal, is one of those. Here's how an organization that began as a family support program has, over the years, reshaped itself to become an authentic, women-led agent of neighbourhood recovery.

"In a political context in which the state treats community organizations as subcontractors of public services, groups that want to intervene by means of popular education are under pressure. Regardless, the CÉAF is now, more than ever, an agent of development in its community. This article is about what, over the years, CÉAF's leadership has accomplished in terms of local development - and how CÉAF has come to do Community Economic Development with and for women using a popular education approach."

CED by & for women in south-central Montréal
Raby, Julie
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