The Good News from Manitoba


Garry Loewen explains how Manitoba has evolved into a leader in CED policy and programming. The party in power is one key factor. Another has been the growth over the years of a local "CED community" from which that administration can draw talent and advice.


"The history of CED programming in the Province of Manitoba is a long one. The look of CED at any given time can be attributed to many things. A critical component has been a tenacious CED sector that has creatively implemented CED programs and ceaselessly advocated for supportive government policies. The ideology of the political leadership of the day has been a significant factor, but still more significant has been the presence of high-ranking officials and other government staff convinced of the importance of CED and committed to its practical application. Another factor has been the emergence of key leaders - "champions" - in the CED community itself with the personal commitment and energy to drive the CED agenda forward."

How one provincial government has evolved into a leader in CED policy & programming
Loewen, Garry
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