Getting Real About Food


With a revised Agricultural Policy Framework in the works, a prime opportunity beckons to impress the values and insights of the Ecological Paradigm on Canada's food system. To make that happen, community food practitioners - nonprofits, entrepreneurs, charities, and co-operators - must forge a movement that speaks with power, to power.

"Now is the time to identify what is holding us back as a society. It is also the time for people dedicated to fresh food, grown locally and processed without harmful chemicals and additives - dedicated to real food, in other words - to get real. It is time to contend for the eyes, ears, and mouths of the body politic; and we will only contend if we get organized.

"Canada needs a food policy that supports the efforts of we, the people, to feed ourselves. It needs an agricultural policy that supports Canadian farmers to make a decent income. Canada needs a policy that is not predatory with regard to the food systems of the South, but strives instead to bring about vibrant rural communities and cities that are 'salad green' to their very rooftops. Canadians want market squares in which prosperous enterprises offer fresh, local food plus good jobs and incomes to the people who grow it. Canadians want all people to be able to eat healthy, tasty food suitable to their culture or ethnicity."

... And About Rebuilding Our Food System
Mark, Sandra
Barbolet, Herb and Moreland, Frank
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