The Financial Ecosystem of Canada's Social Economy


A 2-page diagram summarizes a lot of what we do know (and indicates a lot about what we don't know) about the way capital flows to enterprises that blend social and environmental purposes with economic ones: the various origins of the money, its intermediaries, and the returns that capital providers expect from a multitude of transactions.

The diagram identifies six origins of capital: depositors, investors, donors, taxpayers, employees/members, and customers (as well as the enterprises themselves, through retained earnings). In most cases, intermediaries act to channel capital from these sources in the direction of Canada's social economy and instigate at least a dozen types of transaction in each of which a form of capital is exchanged for various kinds of return. A number of different research reports are drawn upon to estimate the magnitude of these transactions (or markets) during the years 2006, 2007, or 2008.

Who Provides The Money For Enterprises That Blend Economiic With Social Or Enviromental Purpose? What Do They Get In Return?
McNair, Don
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