Entrepreneurial Communities


Regional or local economic development in Canada is becoming a larger and larger issue as capital and jobs become more and more mobile. Communities, and the people in them, are becoming part of a rapidly changing global economy. Concern for their own community and its health is rising. To address the need to deal with communities first, a number of communities are turning to a community economic development (CED) approach.

Entrepreneurial Communities starts from the assumption that every community can benefit from economic development which is expressly by and for local people. Although designed specifically to augment the training resources available to the boards of Community Futures and Business Development corporations, the book is useful to other groups who are involved in “bottom-up” community action and strategic planning.

It outlines the key conceptual frameworks on which CED is based and how they differ from those of other local economic development strategies. The writers then show how to use a strategic planning process to make the link between principles, practice, and results. Profusely illustrated, a detailed case study provides a common information base from which diverse groups can together learn in workshop simulations.

A Handbook for Local Action
Cumming, Victor
Curtis, Lyn, and Green, Frank
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